5 Favorite Irish Communion Traditions

Published: 21st December 2009
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Communion for Irish and Irish-American children is an important event that a Catholic child looks forward to. Over time, many traditions have grown out of a devout commitment to God with respect to the Irish heritage. Today there are many ways children are demonstrating and celebrating their sacraments through Irish Catholic family-based traditions. Here are five of our favorites

1. Irish Communion Dresses: The elegance of a communion dress is a symbolic piece for girls celebrating their First Communion. Girls feel special putting them on, celebrating the honor of participating in such an important sacrament. Many Irish families pass along communion dresses as a way of sharing their commitments with each other. Unique dresses that celebrate Irish heritage are ones that will continue to bring a family together for generations.


2. Claddagh: The claddagh is a timeless symbol for the love and loyalty within an Irish family and, most importantly, for God. Families have found unique ways to share their commitment, proudly bearing this symbol of devotion and pride - from Communion accessories to Celtic sterling silver rosaries.



3. Shamrocks: Shamrocks are a universal sign for all things Irish, but to many Irish families, the shamrock as represents the Holy Trinity. Irish children take that symbol of devoutness with them through small touches, such as a barrette or communion gloves. These small, special Irish reminders are a family favorite.



4. Godparents: At baptism, parents have the task of one of the most important decisions in their child's life: choosing godparents. Traditionally, godparents are important in helping guide their godchild in their Catholic faith. These adults are critical in supporting, nurturing, and helping a child grow in their relationship with God. Godparents typically give their godchild gifts that celebrate and commemorate their faith and heritage on their First Holy Communion.



5. The Party: Following the Communion ceremony, there is usually a gathering to celebrate with family and friends. They congregate together to share their love, loyalty and faith with food and fun. The Communion celebration continues on here, where many memories will be made and shared. First Communion gifts are given to the child at their party, as reminders of their religious beliefs and family traditions.



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